Stefani Bednarova


Consumers, not Humans are the biggest threat to wildlife


"And if I haven't fought for my country at least I will paint for her." -Eugène Delacroix

I love this quote because it puts everything in the right perspective. We are not all expected to help with every world issue. All that matters is that we all do our part in our own unique way. There is no big or small gesture when it comes to inspiring positive change. Every good deed counts.


Coffee & Endangered Animals

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth” -Pablo Picasso.

And what is the truth?
Illegal wildlife trades threatening the survival of many species in the wild is the truth. Black Rhinos facing a serious threat of extinction. Elephants being victims of man’s greediness. Less that 4,000 wild tigers and 600 Ethiopian Wolves remaining and the list goes on. All these are truths of our time because society is failing to truly grasp the severity and urgency of the situation. I am not, of course, the only one who holds this knowledge. However, I often feel like one of the few left who realize that change must happen now; not tomorrow, not later. And that it must start from every single one of us first. In our hands. In our own lives.

My vision is of a world where the truth is different. I want the truth to be that species’ survival in the wild is not a challenge, but easy and natural. That we have all learned to care about the things that really matter and to act on them before it is too late.
My coffee paintings are the reflection of this vision. The purpose of the African wildlife subject portrayed in my art serves as a reminder of the fragile beauty of these creatures, which can be easily overlooked as wildlife is not something we encounter in our everyday lives. I have dedicated my practice to raising awareness, by supplying information with each artwork regarding the threats that wildlife is facing, as well as providing possible solutions, while also donating part of what I earn to wildlife conservation organizations. Art school taught me how to do things, but keeping the reason behind what I do focused on a higher goal is thanks to my upbringing which instilled a sensitivity towards all living creatures in me since a very young age.

Nowadays everyone can be an artist, but to be human has become a task much more difficult, though so much more worthy. This is why I am a strong believer in the responsibility that Art institutions have to encourage artists to follow a more environmentally friendly practice, which can be adjusted to suit their own artistic style. If artists have had the power to re shape cultural perceptions regarding beauty and quality that have lasted centuries, given the right attitude, we can be also the ones to save the world.