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Movement Form 001 (Breathe)

I am currently working with a readymade object which I find to be of immense contemporary importance and relevance. The plastic bag, which features in the work presented here, is symbolic of excessive consumerism as the major socio-economic and cultural theme of global capitalism with severe environmental consequences. As the plastic moves in a manner that resembles organic life it echoes its ever-growing presence in things that live and breathe.

With the piece I aim to bring this largely contested item into focus through a creative exploration of its aesthetic qualities. How do melody and movement complement the material properties of an object, and how can they affect the way it is perceived by the viewer? I am especially interested in exploring these questions and creating a conceptual juxtaposition of the synthetic and natural, the dire sense of guilt, responsibility and the need to find tranquility within.

The opening movement itself has not been the result of artistic agency but the natural behaviour of the material. Any editing was done later and with no prior preconception of what the outcome will look like. Indeed, it was quite unexpected that the end result inspires pleasant memories of flowers in bloom, or deep relaxed breathing, despite its mundane appearance and negative emotions that the object tends to evoke in its regular state. Of course there is also an ethical dimension to this aesthetic manipulation and I ultimately hope that it will make viewers aware and critical of other things that are presented in a way to purposefully distract from the essence.

Stefani Georgieva