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After looking for plastic on the streets of Berlin to use as art medium, I decided to dedicate a whole morning to clean up a park in Prague. The slow process allowed space for meditation and made me wonder what the possible art qualities of an action such as walking around and removing toxic waste from nature are.  

The way I see it, activists bring into focus important world issues and make others aware of their implications through personal actions that invite reflection, contemplation and action.

26 December 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

26 December 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

Isn’t this what artists throughout history have done too? They present their own view of ideas, objects or feelings that they deem important or worth of communicating with the rest of the world. As a result, what they create becomes an object of discussion, thoughtful consideration or in contemporary artworks, they can even function as an invitation towards the audience to respond with action. 

A painter may use a canvas to paint the world, or any of its elements, in an aesthetically pleasing way. An artivist makes the world itself a beautiful place -in this case- by helping biodiversity survive and allowing natural beauty to stand out. 

What is artivism?

Cecilia, 25 December 2018, Slovakia

Cecilia, 25 December 2018, Slovakia

“Artivism connects art and activism. It focuses on how art in its multiple forms can embrace political intention, or how political action can become creative, poetic, sensorial. Artivism looks for new ways of political intervention, opens up new forms of disobedience and action that move beyond traditional paradigms of activism. This encounter between art and activism also shakes our representations of artistic practice, teasing it out of its usual circuits and habitats such as galleries and museums into the domain of daily life and public space.” from

Read more about the movement here:

If you decide to give it a go too, please share your experience and tag me in your posts or photos. I would love to see how much the movement spreads.

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