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Style and Sustainability Under One Roof

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I discovered Nemo Bar during my first day on the Greek island, Paros. At first I was captivated by the bar’s design: The draping leaves above the tables, the eye-catching blue submarine door and baskets of fruit hanging in front of large antique mirrors made Nemo Bar stand out against every other bar on the seafront.

“We must have a drink here” I said to my husband and without hesitation we made ourselves comfortable in one of their chairs and ordered a drink while looking at the sun setting over the sea.

After some time of being enchanted by the music and the view we were convinced that this place could not get any better, until Luke pointed excitedly at something on the wall behind me. It was a sign reading: “SAY NO TO PLASTIC”.

no plastic.jpg

I can not describe to you the excitement that came over me after realizing that this incredible place was also eco-friendly. They buy fruits for the cocktails they serve without plastic packaging and the straws are made from paper.

It is true that the choice of paper straw is not the ideal option either; glass or metal would have been a far better choice in terms of sustainability, but on an island where every other establishment uses plastic without any hesitation, Nemo Bar deserves all the appreciation it can get.

Nemo Bar is also a “Refill Station”. Customers or mere passerby can enter and ask to have their bottles filled with water from the bar’s tap for free. Refill was founded in 2015 by Natalie Fee in order to reduce single use plastic in the UK and has now spread to Greece too.

Of course, establishments allowing people to use their tap water is nothing but basic human decency that should not require a whole campaign, but then again there have been times when I asked a certain coffee shop chain for tap water and I was refused.

Nevertheless, campaigns like this reveal the inhumanity of certain large corporate businesses by emphasising what being a “good business” means.


It should come as no surprise that from this point onwards we kept going to Nemo Bar every evening during our stay.

Why? Because the least we can do at a time like this is to make the right choices in terms of what establishments we support as consumers.

As I had recently bought a new camera, the idea soon hit me: I saw my camera as a means to promote businesses that make an effort to help the planet. After a discussion with the manager we agreed to a photoshoot that you can find in my “Projects” section.

If you are reading this and you have a sustainable business in Berlin or Prague and would like to collaborate please get in touch.

Stefani Georgieva