Stefani Bednarova


Is there something that you value above everything else in life and would do anything to protect or defend?

If you have been following my art journey, you know that for me this is the natural world and its protection.

My parents often jokingly remind me of the time when, as a kid, I made them walk around a park for quite some time in search of a candy wrapper which I had accidentally dropped. Even at such an early age I felt an overwhelming duty to be respectful towards the environment, making it impossible to calm me down until the object was discovered and disposed of accordingly. Twenty years later, this sense of responsibility to protect the natural world is weighing on my shoulders heavier than ever. So, I keep myself well-informed, strive to be a responsible consumer and a sensible citizen of earth day in day out.

I define myself as an artivist (artist activist) because my art is an extension of this life-long ecological sensitivity. I use a combination of traditional and contemporary art concepts and techniques, with the purpose to raise awareness about important ecological issues by bringing the environment and the things that are threatening it into focus.

My work also tends to take a critical stance towards traditional ideas of aesthetic quality. I believe strongly that artworks should not be seen as mere object of aesthetic or material value, but as powerful driving forces able to mobilize and inspire spectators to reflect on the consequences that their actions have on the world around them.


Feel free to get in touch and ask questions, voice your concerns or share your efforts. Don’t forget, we’re all in this together. After all, that’s how we make change happen.